More about New Work: a new approach is required

Working processes are changing, and digitization is one of the driving forces. What consequences will this have for real estate development? What will the office or production site of the future look like? One thing’s clear: As a landlord for innovative companies and start-ups, we have to keep a close eye on these developments.

Four major trends can already be identified.

1. Locations are changing

Commercial operations may shift closer to city centers. This is possible with digital production technologies that produce fewer emissions and are consequently more compatible with residential environments. Logistics operators such as courier services are also seeking locations in close proximity to customers, to deliver the increasing number of online orders faster.

2. Rental contracts are becoming memberships

The multifaceted opportunities of the digital world will form new business models. Some of them will be successful, and some of them will fail. Companies will grow faster, and reduce again where required. They will therefore need flexibility in rental space sizes and contract terms. One suitable solution is made possible through structuring contracts based on co-working spaces, for example, using space and infrastructure on the basis of monthly membership fees.  

3. Office structures are opening up

More than ever, workplaces are being selected on the basis of aspects such as work-life integration, a high degree of autonomy, and the possibility for virtual and physical networking. Today, it has already become evident that people like to work on the move, a trend that will become even more prominent in the future. Employees’ presence at the office reinforces the function of enabling personal contact and specialist and technical interaction. The resulting trend is toward fewer personally related work places and cubicle offices. The office is becoming an open communication and interaction space.

4. Infrastructure is becoming more important

In the digital era, connection to large data networks is important – they must enable bandwidths that allow design data to be transferred effortlessly, for instance, or maintenance contracts to be implemented via remote access to the desktop. But infrastructure is also important for promoting soft skills: good coffee, services that facilitate our daily routine, and the possibility to eat or celebrate with colleagues or customers – such aspects will be significant for the working world of tomorrow.

One thing is certain: whatever you require, we have plenty of real estate experience, innovative ideas, and a generous helping of curiosity! And this makes us a good partner for companies that want more than just the standard offering.

Here, we are implementing new work concepts

We deal intensively with topics such as new office environments, co-working spaces, and rental spaces for start-ups. Here are several examples of what this can look like:

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