Wuppertal, Bergisches Plateau

Development of a residential district with intensive citizen involvement

The approximately 133,000 square meter plot in Wuppertal-Wichlinghausen offered a central location, good infrastructure, and quiet surroundings, making it ideally suited to modern city living.  This matched the demand from young families for building plots  that the city of Wuppertal had already formulated in initial discussions..

Intensive citizen involvement

Bergisches Plateau was developed as a residential area. This concept was also the result of a multiple urban planning tender. The process was accompanied by workshops inviting the local community to take part. This helped secure broad public acceptance. The internal transport infrastructure was planned in the form of a ring road in order to avoid through-traffic. We created the transportation routes and the first part of the Nordbahntrasse, a footpath and cycle path that traverses Wuppertal’s Talachse. We transferred the public spaces to the city.

Enhancing a city district through a high-quality residential quarter

As a whole, we have created the preconditions for the construction of 245 detached houses and a kindergarten through this project. A discount store, green areas, football and playgrounds complete the concept. The Bergisches Plateau residential quarter is a successful example of the further development of Wuppertal in urban planning terms and of the creation of urgently needed living space.   

Your contact person

Marcus Behnke
Development Region West
Zum Portsmouthplatz 6 (Hbf. Südseite)
47051 Duisburg