Karlsruhe, City Park

Complex city development project with high demand

We took over a 250,000-square-meter site from Deutsche Bahn when implementation work was already underway; the planning law requirements had already been defined. Our task was to make the existing building plots ready for construction, and develop and sell them.

Showing consideration for existing tenants

The entire quarter was divided into three development sections. We gradually demolished the buildings on the land, prepared the ground, and implemented wildlife conservation measures. Simultaneously, we created transportation routes as well as green areas, and passed them on to the city. We also contributed to paying the costs of creating two daycare centers and prepared a land plot to construct a school. Thanks to well thought-out building site logistics, we ensured that traffic for residents and the building site was consistently separated, minimizing unpleasant impacts for the first residents. Green areas and social infrastructure facilities were also accessible from an early stage.

A project that’s popular with the general public

The project encountered a high degree of acceptance among the general public and Karlsruhe companies, and enjoyed healthy market demand, prompting some investors and property developers to invest several times at the location due to their own marketing success. In the spring of 2012, we sold the last of the 26 building plots. The conclusion of the development, which was planned originally for 2021, could be celebrated along with the city's 300-year anniversary in 2015.

Living in green surroundings, encircled by a generously laid-out park – and still right in the middle of the city: the concept for City Park received the "New Urban Living on Railway Areas" award as part of the German Federal Republic's Best Practice Competition as early as 2003. In 2016, the project was nominated as part of the Land Recycling Competition of the state of Baden-Württemberg. 

Your contact person

Prof. Dr. Elmar Schütz
Head of Development Region Central
Mergenthalerallee 15-21
65760 Eschborn