Hamburg, Mitte Altona

Development of a new district with a well-balanced structure

Aurelis, ECE and a landowner syndicate of Hamburg housing companies were the owners of this 750,000 square meter area. The master plan was approved in 2012 for a mixed district consisting of apartments, commercial activities and social infrastructure, as well as a city park.

 Aurelis is developing two projects:

  1. The goods hall is the districts’ center, offering scope for commercial utilization. Parts of the hall have already been deconstructed, with the remaining areas extensively renovated. A food retailer, a drugstore, a fitness operator and a restaurant have already been acquired as tenants.
  2. The crane buildings form the architectonic highlight of this district. They will be built on top of the goods hall, with up to 242 apartments on six storeys. The project is called Sechs Freunde.

Aurelis has already sold Sechs Freunde and the heritage-protected building Kleiderkasse. Furthermore, two construction sites were sold to the city: a school is being built on one and a residential building project on the other.

The Aurelis project Mitte Altona should be completed by 2021.

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