Hamburg, Harburger Brücken

New residential and commercial district in the up-and-coming Harburg district

A new use needed to be found for the former industrial site at Harburg’s inland port.

We conducted extensive refurbishment and infrastructure works on the area in close cooperation with the local government of Harburg. We initially had to address two problems, however. Firstly, in coordination with an electricity utility, we had to relocate a 110 kV power line running diagonally across the site. Secondly, a neighboring chemical operation worked with chlorine gas, thereby subjecting the site to the regulations of the local hazardous incidents ordinance. We concluded comprehensive contracts and made complex agreements with the company to enable residential construction. Trade with chlorine gas was discontinued without jeopardizing existing jobs.

Within a short time, we sold the land plots on the 90,000-square-meter area between Veritaskai and Schellerdamm. The location directly on the inland port in the up-and-coming Harburg city district and its proximity to the public transport system are two particularities of the district that investors, owner-occupiers, and tenants repeatedly highlight.

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