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Long-term partnerships with local authorities are a key aspect of our projects. Together, we work on high-quality planning and execution of development and construction projects in line with market requirements.

We support regional business with our rental space offers. We tie in existing firms with flexible refurbishment and construction projects and attract new companies to the location, thereby contributing to the competitiveness of cities and communities. 

Pursuing a common goal

Development and building projects are often realized in cooperation between local government and real estate companies. Interests often differ – or seem to do so at first glance. Yet from the very start, there’s always a common goal: that the realized project will be well received and will enhance the location.

The path to this objective nevertheless requires a shared understanding of how cooperation will function, beginning with listening with an open mind and respect for others' interests and positions – an important foundation for the necessary readiness to compromise. Clichés sometimes prevent people from identifying the essential.

Clichés and reality    

Dialog with the public

Real estate projects often affect the entire environment. Thus, the project should be made transparent to the public and interest groups in a process of dialog. At an early stage, local government and real estate companies should agree on the right process and allocation of responsibilities.

A structured procedure with agreed rules is necessary in this case. Communicating such rules clearly is the first important success factor. The second is to define a point at which decisions will be made and then consistently implemented. And the third is to state clearly that not every reservation or suggestion can be taken into consideration.

Contributing to location quality

Many positive effects arise from revitalizing space and properties:

  •  Locations are enhanced and local infrastructure development is improved.
  •  New users inspire new impulses and greater economic strength.
  •  Jobs are retained or created.
  •  Tax revenues and consumer spending increase.
  •  If present, historic buildings are preserved.

After completion, projects also often develop a dynamism that triggers follow-up investments.

Reference projects

The following section provides an overview of our reference projects

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