Karlsruhe, City Park

Implementing a unique city development project for Karlsruhe

When we took over the 250,000 square meter area in 2003, there was already a utilization concept for the space; we developed this concept further. The aim was to create a modern residential quarter by 2021 to provide new homes, especially for young families.  

We sold the last of the total of 26 building plots in the spring of 2012. Some investors and developers enjoyed such marketing success that they invested in the site several times. As a consequence, we concluded the development of the quarter in time for the city's 300 year anniversary in 2015 – significantly earlier than planned.

City Park was developed in three stages. Our task was to demolish the buildings, prepare the land, and subsequently sell the plots. We contributed to the costs to create two day-care centers and prepared a land plot to construct a school. We also made provision for transport routes and approximately 100,000 square meters of green areas that we subsequently transferred to the city. We wished to avoid our development works disturbing residents who had already decided to move into the area, and consequently separated the builders’ routes from those of local residents.

The concept for City Park received the "New Urban Living on Railway Areas" award as part of the German Federal Republic's Best Practice Competition back in 2003. In 2016, the project was nominated as part of the state of Baden-Württemberg’s Land Recycling Competition.

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