Value proposition for our commercial tenants
We work with you and for you. Together on equal footing. So you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals and at the same time feel comfortable in your property.

Searching and finding together

Are you looking for a property from our portfolio of mixed-use commercial real estate? Or would you rather move into a new building? Do you prefer a renovated, listed hall with loft charm? Or a functional building with high-tech features?

First of all, we want to understand what you really need. This is the basis on which we advise you. Regardless of whether it concerns production buildings, logistics space, halls or combined office solutions - together we will find a solution that suits you.

Flexibility right from the start

You have found your commercial property, but would like to convert office space into storage space? Or open space into flexible space? We rebuild or start from the scratch, we modernize, expand and adapt - according to your needs. This requires know-how and personnel in project development and in real estate management. We have the resources and the experience. This saves your time and nerves. And you only have to deal with one contact person throughout the entire process: Aurelis.

Property and rental agreement that suit your needs

Our support is based on your entrepreneurial goals. That's why we're also flexible when it comes to the composition of the rental agreement: You don't know yet whether you will need more or less space in the future? Whether you need ten years or 12 months of contract term  - just let us talk about it.

The contents of the contract can be adapted: You would like more personal responsibility in the rental property or would prefer full-service property management? Both are feasible.

Something new from time to time

When your processes or corporate strategies change, this has an impact on the use of space. This is no problem, because a well-managed commercial property is able to change with you - regardless of whether your space requirements decrease or increase. With us, you don't have to wait for long until someone comes to a decision, because you receive all services from one source: property management, tenant support and the coordination of building services.

Always a fresh view

We do have experience. But "We've always done it this way" does not exist at Aurelis. Every tenant deserves a fresh view and an individual perspective. In addition, many industries are developing and changing enormously dynamically as a result of digitalisation and high competitive pressure. At the same time, expectations of a modern workplace are also changing. Discuss your requirements with us.