Munich, Werkhalle 51 (Triebwerk)

Revitalization of a heritage-protected hall

Our heritage-protected Werkhalle 51 from 1906 has a total of 1,270 square meters of rental space. Tischfabrik24, a supplier of trendy solid-wood dining tables, showed interest in the space. The company had already become established in Cologne and Berlin and now wanted to expand into Southern Germany. The building on the Triebwerk site was the perfect fit, and so the furniture manufacturer signed the rental contract in October 2015.

We gutted, extensively renovated and equipped the building according to the tenant's wishes: we removed some walls and technical fittings, refurbished the windows, renewed the roof and installed a 300-square-meter gallery. We integrated an office box with ancillary rooms underneath the gallery.

The furniture manufacturer celebrated its opening on July 1, 2016.


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Christina Sch├Ąfer
Asset Management Region South
Schlossschmidstra├če 5
80639 Munich