Mainz, Stagebox (M1 Quarter)

Co-working in a heritage-protected hall

An innovative location for office and service companies is currently under development next to Mainz's main railway station: the M1 Quarter. A hotel and student apartments are also planned. A mix of historic and new elements is a unique characteristic of the area; the same is true for our Stagebox office property, where we have integrated a glass building element into an existing brick hall.

The name “Stagebox” comes from two sources: first, it references the steps at the front, which are positioned to invite passers-by to sit down and relax, as if looking down from a stage. The second reason is that the facade structure consists of two asymmetrically stacked boxes.

As we aimed to mainly attract start-up companies with this concept, we structured the premises flexibly, enabling the spaces to be divided and organized individually according to tenant requirements. 

Co-working space operator Synthro opted for the property in December 2014, signing a ten-year rental contract. This enabled us to fully rent the property well before construction had even started. 

Pictures of the property

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Thaddäus Zajac
Managing Director Region Central
Mergenthalerallee 15-21
65760 Eschborn