We offer you flexibility in these areas

Property flexibility

Are you looking for a property from our mixed-use commercial real estate portfolio? Or would you rather move into a new building? Are you looking for a refurbished, heritage-protected industrial building offering loft charm? Or would you prefer a functional building with high-tech equipment? We’ll check out the possibilities together.

Adaptation flexibility

Do you want to keep the option of adapting your space requirements later? Do you want to shrink or grow? We ensure that both is possible.

Utilization flexibility

Would you like to convert production space into warehouse space? Or would you like more communication zones in the office area? Expertise and personnel are required for this, particularly in project development and real estate management. We have the resources and the experience.

Contract flexibility

You don't want to tie yourself to us for the next ten years? Then let's talk about the contract term.  Would you like to have more of your own responsibility for the rental property, or would you prefer full-service property management? Both contracting models are possible.

Time flexibility

When your processes and corporate strategies change, you need to be able to implement new structural ideas. And you don't want to have to wait two months until your landlord decides how to respond. Don’t worry – with us, you have one single point of contact for both rental and restructuring: Aurelis.  And this spares you additional coordination, saving you time.

Your contact person

Christine Hinterberger
Assistant Head Office
Mergenthalerallee 15-21
65760 Eschborn