More than rental space: flexible solutions

Today, companies need more flexibility than ever: to expand or convert spaces or when it comes to lease terms. We develop flexible space concepts together with you. Our focus is on mixed-use commercial real estate. 

We listen to you

Mixed-use commercial real estate (with or without office space) forms part of our core business. We work to optimize such properties' value for users and adapt them to changing needs. How do we do this so well? Because we engage intensively with our customers' businesses and are very experienced in different sectors.

Our first step is understanding your business model, processes and company strategy. Together, we then look for the right property and adapt it to your needs. The rental contract will be structured flexibly as well. For us, the overarching question is always "What do you need?" All we have to do is talk about it.

Even more advantages for you

Our commitment to flexibility

Many medium-sized companies are anticipating growing demand for versatile space. We're aware of this need and have positioned ourselves accordingly; it's the greatest benefit we can offer our customers. But there are many different aspects to flexibility. Our aim is to handle all of them – with your requirements always taking center stage.

We offer you flexibility in these areas

New Work – work is changing

The working world is becoming increasingly digital. Knowledge-based production is replacing assembly lines. Static process organizations are being supplemented by agile project organizations. Working hours are becoming even more flexible, particularly when it's possible to work from anywhere.

Real estate's role in this often changes too, from a cost factor to a productivity factor – sometimes even becoming a trademark. What characteristics does a property need to have to not only enable such developments but even support them? Clearly, flexibility is at the top of the list in this context as well – but there are other aspects, too.

More about New Work: A new approach is needed

Here, we are implementing new work concepts

We deal intensively with topics such as new office environments, co-working spaces, and rental spaces for start-ups. Here are several examples of what this can look like:

Reference projects

A few examples here show you what we've already implemented for our tenants and how we work together. We look forward to hearing from you if you'd like to know more. 



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