A gem in the jewelry box

Our special highlight is Werkgebäude 10 which stands out as a small gem surrounded by the unique ambience of the Triebwerk location. Not only the façade and windows were repaired, but also the historic flair to the building’s interior were restored. All for the price of around 1.5 million euros. The building’s hallmark piece was refurbished with the greatest care: experts from “Rauscher Turmuhrenfabrik” (tower clock factory) traveled from Regensburg to replace the clock mechanisms, clean the clock face and hands, and finally get the clock up and running again.

Oak instead of PVC

We had to dust and remove peeling paint from the wooden staircase, which has a wrought-iron banisters and dates back to over a hundred years ago, in order to comprehensively restore it. We removed the PVC floor that was laid in the 1980s and replaced it with a high-quality oak parquet. The building has been modernized with an elevator, new heating system as well as new sanitary and electrical installations. We think it was worth it.

Plenty of space to relax

A software developer spontaneously fell in love with the building. And why? Because of the relaxing locations all around the building. Benches located next to the landscaped embankment invite you to stop and take a break on the east side; on the west side, you can enjoy Triebwerk’s unique flair on a large wooden deck. Company employees use the space as an outdoor cafeteria or for group BBQs when the weather allows for it.

Boiler house could become home to loft offices

The entire repair workshop was supplied with energy from the former boiler house. The boiler extends all the way from the basement to the ceiling. We are restoring the installations in order to put the boiler house to good use. In collaboration with a spatial planner, we are currently developing a concept which calls for multistory use with an integrated gallery. Very appealing, for example, for loft workspaces.

The tall chimney, located next to the boiler house, needs to be shortened to four meters for safety reasons. We will integrate it into the outdoor facilities. It will be made accessible in future with an entrance and glass roof.

An ever-growing mixture of businesses

Several new buildings have now joined the existing historic buildings. In addition to Deutsche Bahn AG and Deutsche Post DHL, a wholesaler for electrical engineering supplies and a large digital printing company have also decided in favor of our new buildings. 

Contrast for greater suspense

The carefully renovated brick buildings and the functional new buildings provide for an interesting combination at the Triebwerk site. Thanks to the spaciously laid out streets and green spaces, both styles have a different effect, without interfering with each other.

Curved rows of houses

Up until now, we’ve only talked about the site’s commercial area. What’s happened thus far with the planned residential quarter Gleisharfe? The nine residential buildings were sold within less than one year. Developers are currently implementing the first projects and we are creating roads and walkways. There’s room for 500 subsidized and privately financed apartments, two day cares, green spaces and footpaths.

The planning is based on a design by Meili Peter Architekten (Zurich/Munich) and Bauchplan Landschaftsarchitekten (Munich). The urban planning structure is based on the shape of the site’s former railways, meaning the rows of houses are curved and elongated.

Lots of flair and lizards as neighbors

Back to Triebwerk: Eight buildings have been fully leased. Who else should move here? Anybody who doesn’t want to pay to be directly downtown, but who wants a well-connected, extremely attractive location. Spaces can potentially be used as an office, lab, or production facility, for storage, logistics and wholesale, and even as a showroom.

Triebwerk’s got an ever-growing mixture of businesses. After all, the relaxed, spacious and charming atmosphere has fascinated almost everyone who has experienced it.

Our vision

In a few years, a large industrial park for business, creativity and leisure will emerge where weeds once grew and buildings fell into disrepair. With historical industrial architecture, cool new buildings, lots of naturally greenery, lizards as neighbors and a location in the heart of Munich.