We're looking for mixed-use commercial properties that offer potential
Throughout all of Germany, we acquire commercial properties and space that we can develop further. The central conditions are the appropriate market situation and the location in conurbation areas and cluster regions. Our focus is on mixed-use commercial real estate.

Business parks and logistics properties

We are looking for individual commercial properties, space or portfolios. We also acquire real estate that is vacant or partly rented or with maintenance backlogs. Our strength is to recognize and make use of the possibilities in a property. We are interested in purchasing former production locations of large companies, business and office parks, warehousing and logistics properties or mixed use commercial real estate. We also take properties into account that are usable for commercial purposes after revitalization.

Short decision-making paths in the acquisition process

It is one of our top priorities to ensure that the purchasing process is handled quickly and professionally. Short decision-making paths set us apart. Our aim is to quickly and reliably respond to offers from sellers and agents. We negotiate in a fair and transparent manner. 

Your contact person

Hartmut A. Gl├╝ck
Head of Acquisition
Mergenthalerallee 15-21
65760 Eschborn